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Why have your podcasts on Anghami?
We understand the audience you’re trying to communicate with.
As a homegrown brand, Anghami has remained resolutely focused on the MENA region giving you the opportunity to access over 15M monthly listeners. Our catalog is available to stream and download on all devices.
Get access to the biggest markets
15M monthly listeners are coming from:
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Get to check your stream statistics, top countries, audience demographics, interests and much more on our easy-to-use platform.
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Benefit from customized tips and tricks so you can be the best possible version of yourself.
We fully support you
Discover ways to market yourself, increase your reach and grow your audience on our platform.
Organic Promotions:
By adding your podcast to the weekly trending chart and relevant playlists. Your podcast can also be chosen as “podcast of the week” and promoted by our team.
Paid Promotions:
Our paid promotions, added to organic ones, can help you grow and reach a much bigger audience. Contact us to get more information about it.
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Your podcast is already on Anghami?
Conversations with Ricardo Karam
I set my objectives. I brainstorm. I prepare the power points. I think things through till I find myself ready to shape a conversation. I believe in the power of someone listening to your voice. I believe in the conversation. So, here I am, creating my podcast “Conversations with Ricardo Karam” which I am very happy to have on the pioneering platform Anghami.
Ricardo Karam
Kerning Cultures Network
The Anghami team has been a great partner for several years. The team was always supporting new programs. We highly appreciate their efforts and flexibility to create a better audio experience to the regional audience.
Co-Founder of Kerning Cultures
Hebah Fisher
Kerning Cultures Network
Anghami has always made it a point to build a true partnership with us as creators. They were one of the first platforms to take an active interest in podcasting in the region!
Marketing Director at Kerning Cultures
Bella Ibrahim
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