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After three weeks off, Van returns for the start of his first theme month Readtober (April 15th to May 15th) and discusses the accounting software he uses to keep things running, Xero.The Read listeners can get a free 30 days to try out the accountng software Xero by visiting van ...  Show more

36 Lyn Refuel Station

The Read gets local with an ad read for the single location, South Minneapolis neighborhood gas station, 36 Lyn Refuel Station.All April long visit 36Lyn, tell 'em "Van sent you" and you'll get a free banana with the purchase of any large fountain drink! 

Shen Yun

Van gives an unfiltered look at this weeks sponsor, Chinese traditional dance group, Shen Yun.Shen Yun is coming to an area near you soon. Upcoming dates include:San Luis Obispo, CA - Mar 25th & Mar 26th Denver, CO - Mar 29th-31st New York City - April 6th-16th San Diego, CA - Ap ...  Show more


In this unique episode, host Van Robichaux hands over the reins to GPT-4, the advanced language model from OpenAI. Discover how this versatile AI tool can generate high-quality content for various industries, and enjoy the humor and creativity as GPT-4 takes control of the entire ...  Show more


Van reads an ad for a service he uses himself, Gusto and teaches you how to make a quick $54. Plus a guest read from Van's assistant, James Trevor. Get a $100 visa gift card when you sign up for gusto at