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064 – Why You Need to Stop “Trying” to Save Your Marriage – and What to Do Instead

“The only way you will save your marriage is to stop trying”. Here’s why. When you stop trying to save your marriage -it doesn’t mean you give up! Instead, you start to do things in a way that really works. In this episode Liam explains: - Why trying to save your marriage only pu ...  Show more

063 – Blended Family Problems and How to Solve Them

Four Steps to Deal with Issues in your Stepfamily Are you struggling with problems in your blended family, such as resentment, lack of co-operation and arguments? In this episode Liam explains the 4 steps you can use to eliminate the problems caused in a stepfamily. Listen here: 

062 – Text Your Ex Back to Save Your Marriage: Does it Work?

Can texting your spouse stop your divorce and save your marriage? Only if you do it the right way. Texting can be a powerful way to get your spouse back and save your marriage, but it can also be a disaster if done the wrong way. In this podcast episode Liam explains: * the real ...  Show more

061 – How To Have a Truly Happy Christmas

How to transform your marriage this Christmas In this episode Liam explains why improving your marriage is the key to a joyful Christmas. He also shows you six ways to transform your marriage between now and Christmas. Listen here: 

060 – The 3 Keys to Influencing Your Spouse

How to get your spouse to want to work on your relationship Do you need to influence your spouse to save your marriage? Do they want to leave? Do they not want to work on saving your marriage with you? You need to figure out how to change their mind. In this episode Liam talks ab ...  Show more