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A Whole Nude World

We launch a new format: the book review. First, an interview with the author, where we explore his motivations and perspectives behind writing on this topic. Following the interview, there is an evaluation from an independent and anonymous reviewer, providing an impartial analysi ...  Show more

Just a Naturist Band

Nick and Lins of Naked Wanderings introduced us to a great band from France – the Just Married Band. They are not strictly naturists because it is difficult to make a living just playing within the community. But they are doing more all the time and that is their preference. In 2 ...  Show more

New Nudity Research

Naturists know instinctively that our movement is good for our health. But without science to confirm and quantify the effect we are only expressing opinion. Research by Professor Keon West in the last few years has produced some amazing results that confirm our experience. Dr. W ...  Show more

Children and Naturism – Part 2 of 2

Since the beginning, naturism has been a family movement. Because its adherents believed that all of humanity would benefit, it was natural that children should be included. In part 1 we focused on the scholarly research which suggests that there is no evidence that children are ...  Show more

Naked Age is moving

After previously being released through the Naturist Living Show’s RSS feed, Naked Age is now moving to its own podcast feed. We really enjoyed including Evan’s excellent work within our podcast. But we’re equally happy to see it become it’s own podcast. The world needs more natu ...  Show more