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The Most Rational View on Crypto with Noah Seidman, AKA Captain Rational

Our guest today is Noah Seidman, who has an impressive systematic view on crypto and how crypto fits into the overall macro market. Noah is a technologist with a career spanning two decades. He has a unique perspective on the intersection of crypto and finance, garnering him a re ...  Show more

Unlocking Bitcoin's Potential: How Rootstock Uses EVM For Scalability

Daniel Fogg is the CEO of RootstockLabs, the organization behind the Rootstock sidechain, which is a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution designed to enhance Bitcoin's capabilities with smart contract functionality. Rootstock was launched in January 2018, becoming the first Bitcoin sidec ...  Show more

Bridging Web2 and Web3: Suji Yan on Mask Network's Vision

Suji Yan is the founder of Mask Network, a platform that brings privacy and benefits from Web3 to traditional social media like Facebook & Twitter. Suji Yan launched Mask to provide users with tools to encrypt their social media interactions and protect their online privacy. His ...  Show more

YGG's Guild Protocol, Onchain Reputation, And The Next Wave Of Web3 Gaming With Gabby Dizon

Gabby Dizon is the Co-Founder of Yield Guild Games (YGG), a decentralized autonomous organization that invests in virtual world assets. Yield Guild Games focuses on creating a global community of gamers who earn rewards by playing blockchain-based games. YGG operates on the play- ...  Show more

Robinhood's Big Bet on Crypto: Crypto GM Johann Kerbrat Explains

Johann Kerbrat is the Crypto General Manager at Robinhood, one of the largest exchanges in the world. In today's episode will delve into his journey with Robinhood Crypto. His thoughts on the future of the industry and the groundbreaking work they are doing to democratize fin ...  Show more