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#178 It’s the Electrical show with Andrew from Azores Construction & Electrical and Jalen Lam

We have quite the show today, Andrew Padre Cura and Jalen Lam will be sharing the whole electrical truth, trades, and the industry, might want to buckle in for this one. Two Conestoga graduates under the Electrical Technician Program, nothing but praise about the school. Andrew o ...  Show more

#177 Work Wear with the ultimate shop Work N Wear for all your work and safety wear needs

Aadil from WorknWear is on the show today, since 1975 they have been outfitting tradespeople and more with the proper work wear, safety wear, fire rated wear, long underwear, and more. I have a huge amount of respect for Aadil and his staff and how they treat everyone that enters ...  Show more

#176 Chris Clarry from Hardwork Canada is on the show talking High Rise maintenance and more.

Today’s show is all about high rise maintenance with Chris Clarry of Hardwork Canada, Chris goes where most of us will never, fixing things that should never have failed, but they do because erecting high-rise structures is all about how fast, not how good. Chris is truly a foren ...  Show more

#175 Motivating Educating and Empowering Tradespeople with Dimitri from Pure Motivation Fitness

Coming from a broken home with a single mom raising him and his brother, life was hard for his family and when he found fitness it became his escape. Training begins with body types, which of the 3 are you? Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, focus on your body type to begin with. A ...  Show more

#174 GL Plumbing with Jeff DiGiantommaso Canadian Italian Master Plumber with a lot pride and love for construction

Jeff from GL Plumbing is on the show today, commercial and residential master plumber. He understands his Italian surname but always questioned his first name, his mom wanted him to blend in, but he stands out, he’s one of the best plumbers in the industry and today he will share ...  Show more

#173 Master Electrician, Fire Alarms, Safety and the Whole Wide Construction World with Patricio

Welcome to TCL’s longest show to date, over 2 hours and for good reason. Patricio and his lovely wife, Pricilla is on the show. The focus on this show will be about safety but we will discuss electrical, a few other trades, the industry, schools, new trades, old trades and right ...  Show more

#172 Taping and Beyond with Sunaina talking plastering, females in construction, puppies, harassment and more

We have one hell of a great show today, Sunaina, a self-taught taper with 6 years in the business, coming from university degrees to bartender, to construction, to dog grooming and more. Sunaina will not be holding back, she has a lot to say about the construction life and yes, w ...  Show more

#171 Alair Homes Springwater with Owner Norbert Lengyel and Operations Manager Curtis Stein

Curtis got his start with his Dad who was a tradesperson, working at a very young age and learning the ropes, from there decided to open and run his own business for 5 years, loved it and then Norbert suggested he take over as his Operation Manager. The connection was made over I ...  Show more

#170 Paolo Foglia – Fogliatile - Stone, Masonry, Tile, Marble Restoration / Installer and Expert

A true stone artist, Paolo talks to us about his beginnings, his arrival to Canada, the country he loves because it has given him so much. Paolo was a peacekeeper, in the army, Special Forces as a teenager and into his 30’s, working for the government studying civil engineering i ...  Show more

#169 David Maniccia of Luco Design & Build shares his 20 plus years of navigating through construction

Before the mics get recording David’s brother drops off some amazing food from Ombretta Cucina, amazing pizzas from Pizzeria Rosso…OMG So good. Thank you so much. Check them out and trust me, you will love the food. Open the show with a listener message from Mike Dunn from Washin ...  Show more

#168 Chris Allen of On Point Contracting talking hiring, working and sourcing out new leads in construction

We open the show with a recent message from @seantaggy which pretty much set the tone of today’s show. Sean had a lot to ask being a new listener to TCL and loves the show, he has since gone back to the beginning and has been listening to all the shows. Huge thanks Sean and I hop ...  Show more

#167 Julia Rose - The Brick Chick is on the show talking all kinds of brick, block, stone and restoration work

We have Julia Rose AKA The Brick Chick on the show, 26 years young, 3 years in the business, a young and skilled mason leading the way for men and women in the industry. Julia at a young age had a lot of mental health, drug addictions issues, it was a hard time for her. She was c ...  Show more

#166 Julie Sawchuk Accessible Solutions Inc. Accessible Design Construction and more

Training for a triathlon Julie was biking and was hit by a car and paralysed from the breastbone down. Thrown 30 feet, split her head, broke teeth, broke her nose, broke ribs, broke her spine in two places, T4 and L1. 5 people every day sustain a spinal cord injury in Ontario. Fa ...  Show more

#165 Peter from Picasso Interior Con – Crown Moulding / 3D Plaster Walls / Waffle Ceilings & Stone Veneers

25-year-old Peter, working at this trade for 8 years now is going to talk about Styrofoam plaster mouldings, coffered ceilings, waffle ceilings, diamond patterns, accent walls and so much more. The reason Peter started his business and has always built to a certain standard, he w ...  Show more

#164 Plaster Masters with Shane Wile - A lot to learn from this young tradesperson and business owner

23-year-old tradesperson with a lot of passion and heart for the industry and he loves Frank Sinatra, hold on, this is going to be one great show. His Dad taught him only one way to be a tradesperson, the right way, he taught him how to build better, and be better. Losing his Dad ...  Show more

#163 Kevin Carty the Friendly Mason From Irish Farmer to Autoparts to Mason in Canada

Open the show with a great Irish work song and we get chatting about Ireland, the beautiful country and people, the great food and work ethic. What a pleasure to have Kevin on the show and everyone knows Manny will always have a special place for the masonry trades. On with the s ...  Show more

#162 Talking cigars with Mike from Toronto Habanos – Listen and you understand why cigars and construction

We are @speducci recording the show on the patio, Rosie and company are always amazing for letting the show record there, it’s quickly becoming the Speducci Studios for the TCL Podcast, thanks guys.Open the show with a few shout outs.Tim from BC @poundforpoundframers Tim from Akr ...  Show more

#161 Waddell Engineering is back for some more talk on engineering with Jim Caruk this round

Larry and Brian are back on the show and Jim is joining us to talk loads and load calculations, hold on to your tool belts, the math is going to be massive on this episode of The Construction life. The last time the Waddell guys were on the show was May of 2021 with a two-part sh ...  Show more

#160 Matt Feeney of Feeney Design Build going from 8 builds in 2020 to building 25 homes this year

Matt opens the show with Darius Rucker “Wagon Wheel”, great way to open the show. Operating this business for 13 years, coming from a family of tradespeople with his Dad being an old school carpenter, Matt always had a hunger for construction but he never wanted to be that “guy” ...  Show more

#159 Retired Ontario Building Official and College Professor Glen Good is here to share so much about CODE, Inspections and Training

We open the show by letting our listeners know Mr. Jim Caruk is back on the show and it’s great to have him back on the mic sharing so much valuable information about The Construction Life, thanks Jim.On with the show, this show is all about the team, working together for the gre ...  Show more

#158 Adnan is back talking more on Modular Shipping Containers with Acad Modular Part II

We love having guests return to the most listened to construction podcast and we love continuing the great conversations that move this amazing industry forward. Adnan was on the show way back in March of 2020, episode #56, please check out that show. On today’s show we further d ...  Show more

#157 The Construction Life includes motorcycles – Carmine from The Dukes of Cycle is here to talk motorcycle technician and motos

Something a little different but not, today’s show is extremely relevant to the construction life, so many tradespeople ride motorcycles. Bikes are a huge part of our downtime, keeping us sane, inspiring us and our renovations, dealing with clients and more. Carmine has been my s ...  Show more

#156 Sheet Metal Steve is on the show talking all things metal and more

Stephen currently is a project manager with Black and MacDonald but got his start in sheet metal fabrication, he has his Red Seal and is also working on achieving 3 more Red Seals, Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical. He’s not trying to be greedy; he wants to educate others and build t ...  Show more

#155 The Construction Team with the most of everything is on the show WELCOME CrewMenGroup

We have one hell of a show today, our 2nd longest show to date and for very good reason, Taha, Sal and Z from Crew Men Group are here and ready to share so many construction lives experiences. Prepare to be inspired, the gentlemen from Crew Men Group will get you to remember why ...  Show more

#154 Steve Andrews from Structural Reinforcement Solutions talking about Carbon Fiber reinforcement over concrete

What a great show we have today, talking about carbon fiber reinforced polymer and the countless residential and commercial applications in construction. Discussing basement cracking, bowing, leaks, settling and more and how this product can repair these and many other issues. We ...  Show more

#153 Brock Peel from Advanced Property Solutions 5 months into construction after leaving a 6-figure diesel tech position

Brock opens the show with a great rendition of a track from Tennessee Ernie Ford and covered by Johnny Cash. What a great opener, thanks Brock. Brock is young and ambitious, 25 years old and left a well-paying 6-figure field service tech position with Tormont Cat to start a caree ...  Show more

#152 Joe from Tip Top Exteriors is on the show talking about all kinds of exterior cladding

Started in the cladding business when he was 17, he’s now 37 and has learned a lot and of course has come across all the tradespeople that are negative when it comes to wanting to build better. Joe has always been about learning about new products, new techniques, push the indust ...  Show more

#151 The Keystone Contractor is on the show – Jason has a lot to say about The Construction Life

Jason of The Keystone Contractor is on the show finally, been chatting on IG for years and it’s a great pleasure to have him on the show. Huge shout out to his lovely wife, Laura for baking these amazing goodies for me, OMG, so good, thank you so much.From high school to the mili ...  Show more

#150 Bram Weitzman a GC with 16 years of experience and it wasn’t until his 14th year he finally figured it out.

We open the show with a massive Beastie Boys track, thanks Bram. Bram got started in construction because he owned a frat house and his friend/partner was moving out and Bram was getting married and they needed to fix the place and sell in. Picked up a hammer and that was about 1 ...  Show more

#149 Linda Kafka from Livable Canada is back and talking more Wellness Building – Healthy Options for your home

We open the show with a few shout outs to @marescarpentry @galeforcemasonry @oliverlumber Ian reached out, needed to have a couple of custom planter boxes made out of Ipe, I reached out to Gary Mares, picked up the lumber from Oliver Lumber and things are being built, the power a ...  Show more