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#252 AVAS Concepts Electrical Plumbing HVAC and Developments The Gang is all here


#251 Jason from The Keystone Contractor to discuss bullies, building inspectors, clients, and more

Jason from The Keystone Contractor is back on the show, our first official video podcast with many more video podcast coming soon. We talk a lot about a bunch of construction content, from a bully of a building inspector refusing to close a permit unless an engineer report was se ...  Show more

#250 Talking Tiny Homes with Bianca Metz of The Giving Tree and Tiny Home Show and Ken Bekendam King Homes Inc. and Legal Second Suites

First up!!!! The Tiny Home Show is August 4-7, 2022, in Ancaster Fairgrounds, Municipal Day is the Thursday where there will be a lot of government officials there to discuss a number of things. There will be 12+ tiny homes there for people to walk through and discuss. Over 35 di ...  Show more

#249 Tom Elliott of Elliott’s Trusted Trades Inc. is here to share so much about his Renovation Specialist career

We open the show with a little Dirty Dancing melody. 7 years in the business on his own with his brand but many more years of learning from so many other trades. During his college years he picked up some work with a plumber digging undergrounds 4 months straight and that was his ...  Show more

#248 Vintage Ideas LTD with Steve Sampaio and Jennifer Sherman discussing Rustic Designing and Construction

How did it all begin? Children’s BDay party and a few drinks and plenty of pics about wood and the ideas started flowing. Steve didn’t have any formal construction experience, but he would tinker and build odd things and then friends suggested he should do this as a business and ...  Show more